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RYT 200 hour Yoga teacher training



Why did you become an instructor?

I was asked to teach high impact aerobics in college, mostly because I had a high kick!  I learned a bunch of routines, but had no idea why I was doing any of the moves.  After college, I decided that I should get certified and actually become educated! I’ve taught group fitness for over 20 years. I became yoga certified in 2018 because yoga had become a part of my health and fitness routine and I wanted to share the mind body connection with others.


Favorite treat/cheat meal?

I love hummus.  That sounds like a healthy treat, but I could eat the entire Costco sized hummus with a bag of chips any day!!!!

What is your athletic background?

Growing up, I was active in dance, gymnastics and swim team. I was a high school cheerleader, which my teenage boys will try to tell you is not really a sport. I continued swimming in high school as well.

Favorite place you've visited?

It’s a toss up between the beach and the mountains!  I love both because I love to be outside. Living in the Midwest my whole life, I never take the beauty of the beach and/or mountains for granted.  


Any advice to someone who is just getting started?

My advice to someone who is getting started in yoga is to listen to your body.  Yoga is not about doing the poses perfectly, it is about finding the perfect yoga pose in your own body. Everyone comes to yoga for a different reason. Stretch, strengthen, mindfulness........whatever the reason, if it brings you to the yoga studio, it is the right reason! And hopefully, you leave getting more out of it than you came for!


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