Certified CrossFit Trainer

CrossFit Level 1 & Level 2

Precision Level 1 Nutrition Coach

USAW Sports Performance

MWOD Mobility

Carl Paoli Freestyle Seminar

Ben Bergeron Business of Excellence

Invictus Athlete Camp

StrongFit Seminar

StrongFit Coaches Week

Wim Hof Level 1 Module


To book a Fitness Assessment or 1-1 session with Jeremy, please use the following link: calendly.com/jeremy2020

Any advice to someone who is just getting started?

Take your time, enjoy the process and focus on getting the movements down first so the big weight can come later. We all start somewhere so enjoy every moment and treat it as a learning experience to get better.

What is your favorite movement?

Sandbag carry! You don't have to think, just move and get better.

What is your favorite cheat meal?

Pizza and peanut butter M&M's once a week!

What is your athletic background? 

I was a golfer in high school who ran with the cross country team during their practices. I was skin and bones and didn't put on any muscle until the Navy and CrossFit.

What motivates you to help others? 

I truely care about people and their ability to enjoy life without a physical limitation weighing them down. Everyone has the ability to remove "I can't" from their vocabulary and I want to show them how any way that I can.

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You should consult a doctor before engaging in any physical fitness program. You are responsible for your own health.


We want everyone to stay safe and healthy, and we have to remind you to use any information posted here at your own risk. We provide information, judgment calls, assumptions and recommendations that are appropriate for most athletes, but there are ALWAYS exceptions with every individual athlete, including you.

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