"I was new to KC, moving from California where I had recently become very comfortable at my local CrossFit gym. Literally the only person I knew was my new boss who I had only met once 10 days before. I knew I would miss the comrade (not to mention the results) I had worked so hard to gain I wanted to make sure to pick up right where I left off in KC. 

The first thing I did when I landed was to call every CrossFit gym within 10 miles of where I was moving. I didn’t want to lose the progress, and received some good advice from my current coach that not all gyms are for everyone. After talking to Jon at 2020, I could tell that this was the environment I was looking for. After going through their on-ramp program with the coaches at 2020, I could already tell this was the right call. 2020’s team focuses on mobility, not just pushing weight. This is key to becoming a “better person” as Jon often puts it. And he’s right. I also found out just how much the environment mattered. Joining 2020 was one of the best decisions I made. It made the transition to KC that much easier. Being a shy person in a place where you know no one isn’t easy, but right away I had met many great people.

Since then, I’ve worked with the coaches setting individual goals every couple months – mobility, diet, performance. I went from the guy that had walked in at 219 pounds and was unable to run a 400 meter jog and not knowing a single person in KC to now. I can say I’m in the best shape of my life (including when I was in college) and recently completed my first muscle up. Again, I came in to get into decent shape, and in more than one way, 2020 CrossFit has changed my life!"


-JJ Johnson

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