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Wim Hof Advanced Module 

SealFit 20X Finisher


To book a body composition analysis or 1-1 session with Jon, please email jon@2020.fit

What motivates you to help others?

I want everyone to know what it is like to feel amazing. End of story. And I literally believe everyone can have this. It's hard as I'm still working on this (and probably always will be) but I could not comprehend going back to the old way (a vegan who ran 50 miles per week). I love seeing the light bulb moment in people's eyes when it starts to make sense. We're changing people lives every day and are incredibly lucky to get to do so.


What is your morning Routine?

Technically it starts the night before when I prepare my to-do list for the next day. I've done this to optimize my sleep so I can "sleep in" until 4:30 am which I do 6 days per week. I hit the ground running with apple cider vinegar (2tbsp) and 20oz water immediately upon waking + LMNT packet. I'll then put two scoops of collagen and another LMNT in a shaker bottle, run downstairs for a dunk in my ice bath, upstairs for a quick shower and shave, then dress and on the OneWheel headed to the gym. Here's a look at what my routine used to look like.


What is your favorite hobby?

Depends on the day you ask me. Outside of spending time with my family, I have a pretty extensive hobby list. Top of the list would be downhill skiing & mountain biking. Followed by any other competitive sport & outdoor activity. Golf is a habit I thoroughly enjoy just time has got in the way of. And do you count work as a hobby? That's a big hobby of mine as well as I love what I get to do - The biggest challenge is not doing it too much. 

Why did you become a coach?

It happened by accident. I had a friend who heard about this CrossFit thing I was doing and wanted to start working out with me to learn more. After a couple of months, he wanted more consistent coaching, so he hired me to formally train him. That led to more friends, then friends of friends, then my mother-in-law and her friends and now here we are.

Favorite place you’ve visited?

Rosemary Beach Florida. The place is amazing by itself however for full perspective, it was all about our family as it was our first trip together as a unit. I didn't think you could fall more in love with your kids and having a full week (plus 15 hour drives to and from), just put me over the edge as a dad. The setting enhanced the experience but having nothing to focus on aside from your family was absolutely the greatest gift I've ever received. 

When do you workout?

During the week I've been on a pretty good regiment at Noon. It allows me to coach in the morning, get work done and then crush a huge meal early afternoon which allows me to behave in the evening. Saturday's I workout with the 7 am outdoor class and Sunday's I sneak over here during nap time. I'm a believer in moving everyday, going hard maybe once per week. 


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