Thanks for the 12-day challenge idea.  I am going to take that on, but I will plan to do it on different days.  We are taking Zach back to Golden on Aug 9th and turning it into a short vacay until the 16th.  That said, I feel like Brian, my husband, and I gained a lot of knowledge and growth when we did the Whole30 challenge over lent earlier this year (we did a whole 40 lol) and we both experienced life-changing habits.  


It really taught us how to control how we feel with food and drink adaptations.  Brian and I each lost 10% of our previous body weights, but so many aspects of our life/body improved that its unbelievable and too many to mention.   I think doing a 12-day re-boot will be just what I need to do to feel better.  I think we have continued 65%-75% of what we learned but it is hard to maintain every day 7 days a week.  


The biggest factors - eliminating sugar, beans, peanuts and dairy (alcohol for me and sugary drinks for Brian).  Sorry for rambling on and on but "I am so excited about the 2020FIT for Life experience which gives us life-changing health without medications". I wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you and your team provide for us to grow as people.

-Lene Yeo (2020 Client since November 2016)

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