CrossFit Level 1

Titleist Performance Institute Level 2



What motivates you to help others?

I love watching people achieve their goals. I have had so many amazing people in my life that have helped motivate me to reach my goals, and I want to make sure that I am that motivator for others.

What is your favorite hobby?

Playing golf with my friends and family. I have played golf for about 10 years now and the continual challenge that it brings. It allows you to spend four hours with your friends and family away from most of the distractions that we have in our lives, which makes it a very unique sport in that you can really bond with people. 

What is your favorite movement?

The deadlift because you can feel it basically working every muscle in your body. 

Why did you become a coach?

I became a coach to help others set and achieve their goals. 


Favorite treat/cheat meal?



What is your athletic background?

Played golf at William Jewell College. Haha does that count as athletic?

What is your morning Routine?

Shower, drink coffee and walk about the door

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