The following is a relatively comprehensive list of everything the Rowley family is doing and has been recommending to 2020 Clients over the years, to optimize our health. By no means are we experts or doctors. We are just crazy passionate about improving our health to live the most optimal life possible - Then sharing what we learn with everyone who will listen. We're not complete puritans, as we like to 'live our lives', however we try to manage any negative repercussions as much as possible. If you have questions or are interested in private coaching, please feel to reach out to me at

One more NOTE: The objective of sharing this is to help those who are new to the Community to get up to speed. It took us a long time to figure out a lot of this stuff (and we're still learning) and we do NOT want it to take that long for you. Think of this as an accelerator for your health! 

Things you can buy that will help improve your sleep 

  • Whoop. We utilize this tool as an objective tool to track our recovery and activity. Use to receive 10% off your order if you purchase a 12-month subscription (fully recommended)

  • Blue light (Light bulbs we use for the lamps in our bedrooms) suppresses melatonin production, iPhone Night shift setting (set time for when the sun sets - you will need to change the time based on the seasons), the F.lux app on your computer does the same thing (removes blue light)

  • Blue blocking glasses. TrueDark for nighttime (once the sun sets) and Felix Greys for the office/daytime blue light.

  • Sleep Mask or blackout curtains (shop your favorite home decor location)

  • Mouth Tape - 3M Micropore tape

  • ChiliPAD (for hot sleepers)

  • This is the Weighted blanket we have from Amazon - it fits a King bed pretty well

General Health Notes​ - You Can Implement Now

  • Turn your home WiFi off at night when sleeping - reduces EMF load - This Electrical Timer will do it automatically for you.

  • Do not sleep with your phone right next to you. If you can turn to Airplane Mode at night (note you will not receive calls). Even better turn WiFi off too. Further - if you have a TV in your room, remove it. 

  • When traveling, bring a little electrical tape and cover any artificial lights in your hotel room

  • Consume caffeine as early in the day as possible. Caffeine has a long half-life (up to 8 hours) and you want as much as possible to wear off before sleep.

  • Finish all meals within 2 hours of bed. If intermittent fasting, skipping dinner is the best (but hardest).

  • Get barefoot in the grass or sand after a flight, especially when you change time zones

  • Alcohol - Drink on an empty stomach and ensure that you go to bed sober





Continued Resources That We Enjoy / Recommend Diving in to 

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The Many Items Compiled Over the Years That Optimize Our Health
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You should consult a doctor before engaging in any physical fitness program. You are responsible for your own health.


We want everyone to stay safe and healthy, and we have to remind you to use any information posted here at your own risk. We provide information, judgment calls, assumptions and recommendations that are appropriate for most athletes, but there are ALWAYS exceptions with every individual athlete, including you.

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