10,000 Reasons to Believe

I’ve told the story about how 2020FIT literally got started with a formal presentation to Britni (which I outline in our first podcast) where I convinced her to let me spend $1,000 on my CrossFit Level 1. This was a huge sum for us and was considered a ‘risk’. Though that was the real turning point of getting the thing off the ground, there is another story that no one aside from Britni has ever heard.

It was the 10,000 reasons we needed to jump in head first and turn 2020 in to a real business. My best buddy who I went to college with, Michael, ended up being my first sales associate and is responsible for making us commercially viable. He was one of my biggest advocates early on as I started training people 1 on 1 and he actually helped me secure my first true paying clients. I’ll never forget it - I told him over lunch that I’d be happy doing what I’m doing for free. On my behalf he negotiated my first 'deal' and next thing I know, a group of three friends are all handing me a check for a month of 'training services'.

It was on this ski trip where we discussed business and what it would take to bring 2020 to the next level

That is great however it’s not the point of the story. Flash forward to Kansas City where we were training in our garage and we were getting cold feet on making the jump to a commercial space due to the risk... The hobby business was going well, clients were happy (all 25 of them) and getting results, but Brit and I weren’t yet ready emotionally to make the jump from a nice little hobby to a full-blown business.

Michael had another idea. At the end of one of our ski trips, unprompted and completely out of the blue, he hands me a check for $10,000. He said something along the lines “If you were uncertain before, here is a little certainty for you - go make this thing happen”. I’ll never forget the feeling it gave me. It was not one of financial security as we could now buy things that we needed or we had a cushion to operate the business, it was that someone believed in me, more than I believed in myself.

One of our adventures took us to Poland to climb a mountain without clothes with Wim Hof

I’ll never forget my first thought - “WOW, I can take this money and invest it in the business and move the thing forward..” Once that thought settled I realized the true ramifications of the ‘investment’. This friend believed in me enough to give me $10,000, no questions asked and no expected time for repayment, with nothing on paper. When I think back to pivotal moments in the business, this one stands alone as one of those moments that forever changed the course of 2020 and my attitude towards self belief. We now had some capital to invest but more importantly, we had belief in the cause we were pursing.

If you’re looking for a takeaway - Here’s one. I believe that you need to surround yourself with people who believe in you and want to bring you up as there are times when no matter how positive you are, you just don’t believe in yourself enough to make that next step. Sometimes we need a push. To pay him back we did two things 1) Paid Michael back in full as soon as we could and 2) Went to work everyday and make it happen (which continues).

A little belief coming from someone else helps you establish the belief you knew was there but weren’t able to get out. I’m grateful beyond words for this leg up that we got from Michael, and not just the financial component. As you’re going through life and things start to turn out for the better, stop and take a look around. You didn’t do it alone - far from it. Take time to thank those who’s shoulders you’re standing on. Better yet, get strong in the gym give others the chance to stand on yours :)