7 Days of Drinking Challenge

Over a period of 7 days, I’m going to commit to drinking alcohol everyday, and sharing my results from a body composition and biometric feedback (recovery) perspective.


I’ve long preached that alcohol is detrimental to your health - Now I’m going to live it and share my experience. I have been a ‘non-drinker’ for the last 3 years (except for weddings, over seas trips, and 2020FIT annual pool parties). This is going to be a whole new challenge for me. I’m going to maintain my sleep regiment, my training, and my nutrition so the only change is going to be the addition of alcohol. I’ll be updating daily on IG and compiling my notes to share in a blog post. Wish me luck :)

I’ll be using my Whoop strap to monitor my biometric data and I’ll be doing a body scan before and after and will be sharing the results.

This is Jon before Alcohol

For better or worse I’m going to be sharing my results - Some will be hoping that the results are great. My hypothesis is I’ll actually feel fine though my workouts will suffer as will my HRV and RHR. The follow is how it actually all went down:

Day 1 - Friday night

The first two nights of the challenge would be the only type of drinking I’ve every really done - Fun drinking. I was down at the Lake so we did some afternoon drinking (I do not prefer night drinking) as I like to be sober before I go to bed. Night 1 I had a Corona light and then two Ranch Waters (tequila and topo chico lime) with LMNT for flavor and of course, hydration. I’m not a big drinker so this was plenty to give me some good vibes.

Day 2 - Saturday

I actually felt pretty darn good when I woke up. I atribute this to the clean alcohol, no sugar, and electrolytes that I put in my drinks. Doing a 30 minute nasty workout with hill sprints, 200 push ups and 200 air squats helps get some of it out of the system also.

Drinking today started at 3 pm with the same Ranch Water margeritas as yesterday (this time with blended ice). I had 3 of those and then 2 Truly’s on the boat ride home. I forgot that I had a little glass of champagne before dinner but all in all was done with alcohol by 7 pm.

Day 3 - Sunday

Literally didn’t get out of bed until 9 am (it was a no kids weekend). Note - we went to bed before 10 pm so it wasn’t like we were up until 2 am. I received more sleep than I’d gotten in recent memory however my recovery was crap. RHR super high and HRV super slow. I didn’t feel terrible, I just didn’t have great energy. Later in the day I went for a bike ride with the boys which felt good to move but I certainly didn’t have my regular Sunday juices flowing through me.

I got fat but kept my muscle... See the body scan to the right.

It started the 21st and went to the 28th

Sunday evening - I literally choked down 2 glasses of red wine and finished the second by 5:04 pm. I again don’t want the alcohol in my system (that much) by the time I go to bed - regardless of the experiment.

Day 4 - Monday

I. Felt. Like. Crap. when I woke up. If I had a coffee habit, I’d of grabbed it without even thinking. This might sound crazy however I usually feel really good when I wake up so the fog my brain was in this am was unfamiliar and hope it’s not like this everyday. After being awake about 30 minutes and a solid cold shower, I felt like myself again - but man, it was rough going for a bit.

After that, all was pretty much normal. Did a great little strength session over lunch where I felt pretty strong and then a couple hours later did a short 15 minute workout with a group - again felt pretty good overall.

Then in the evening I did my two glasses of wine and was done drinking by 7 pm. Went for a short bike ride with the boys which honestly felt good to sweat a little bit. I hydrated well, took an LMNT and was in bed before 9 pm.

Day 5 - Tuesday

Slept like crap and felt pretty crappy for the first hour of the day. Again I’d love to grab a coffee but I’m going to go without for the experiment. My recovery was terrible, HRV down and RHR up again. I also woke up at 2 am wide awake which is something I do when I’m really stressed out (I am not currently). Overall energy is not good - I’m writing this at 7:30 am and I keep yawning..

Overall it was a hard day - Sure I worked out and was able to be pretty productive, but man was it a struggle and coffee would have certainly helped. That said, I don’t want to need to depend on it which I would most certainly do if I drank with any regularity.

Tuesday night - 2 glasses of pinot noir. Both consumed prior to 7 pm as has been the plan. Then I actually went for a bike ride to try and sweat some of it out. Though I’m doing this for science, I really can’t stand feeling like crap and want to minimize the effects as much as possibly.

Day 6 - Wednesday

One of my worst recovery days yet and I was in bed (again) before 9 pm. My RHR was ~10 beats higher than normal and my HRV was nearly 1/2 of my normal. I wouldn’t really care about any of that but I also didn’t have much pep in my step. I did a silly workout of Bench and sit ups as I didn’t have my typical “go juice” flowing through my system.

I was beyond grateful to know that this would be my last night drinking (planning to day drink tomorrow). Wine is sure nice going down but man does it make me feel like crap the next day so I’m happy to be done with it. That said, I actually enjoyed the buzz I got however I was pretty lazy as a parent and wasn’t able to focus on the boys as I typically try to. I will say the One Wheel is pretty fun (dangerous) to drive with a little buzz on :)

Day 7 - Thursday

Not a terrible recovery - I think my body is getting used to the booze haha. However I still have what feels like a film over my eyes for the first hour of the day. I’m excited to move on from that and just start feeling better in general. I really understand how it’s a slippery slope / combination of alcohol and caffeine. You really can’t have one without the other and enjoy life :) And alcohol certainly doesn’t improve health by my estimates so I know which direction I’m going.

I had the opportunity to play golf today so I decided to drink during the day and be done early. I finished my second tequila and soda by 4:30 pm and began the sober up process. Perhaps because I only ate protein up until that point, I was as sloshed as I’d been on this ‘challenge’. Having a proper dinner helped me sober up but then I decided that I wanted to get well ASAP so I started what turned out to be a 45 hour fast.

This is Jon with alcohol

Day 8 & Beyond

Shockingly enough - My recovery came back around. Very anecdotal however if you drink, drink early in the day as my HRV was almost back to normal as was my RHR. For Friday, I did bone broth only and got to bed pretty early. Saturday’s recovery was even better however I felt dead tired all day. Caved in and ate at ~2pm. Sunday morning was my first GREEN day since the challenge began which was very abnormal for me in general. That said - I did a 40+ hour fast to get back to square one.

In my estimation, given regular circumstances, my body would take 4-5 days to recover from a day of drinking. I think you can recover much faster by fasting however that’s not always ideal.

Long-term takeaways - I am going to stick with the “no drinking unless out of the country or at a wedding” moto for 3 reasons:

1) I like feeling good in the morning

2) I like feeling good in the afternoon

3) I like feeling food in the evening

All kiddding aside - If and when I do drink a couple of things have to happen:

1) No kids and no responsibilties the next day

2) I want to go all out and have fun - make it memorable. A story that will be remembered or picture that will be cherished.

3) Try and do as much of it during the day as possible - Day drinking is my friend.