January Wellness Challenge

You ask and you shall receive. Our January challenge officially begins on January 2nd. If you haven't picked up a hard copy in the gym, you can download a copy of the challenge sheet HERE. The main details are as follows:

- Bring non-perishable food items for the week of January 2nd. For EACH item you bring, the coaching staff will do five burpees (total, not per coach). All burpees will be completed on one day - that date is TBD but will be in January. **Note - we're limiting the burpees to 1,000 per coach...

- The three components that are being scored are 1) Sleep (7+ hours in bed/night) 2) Clean Eating (see the back side of the challenge sheet) and 3) # of Workouts. You are limited to one per day, and you cannot carry backward or forward for credit

- We are hosting two Q&A sessions. On January 5th and 12th at 8:30 am. Friends and family are welcome and encouraged.


- Nutrition = $200 Whole Foods Gift Card

Sleep = $200 Amazon gift card

Workouts = $200 lululemon gift card

OVERALL = a Whoop! (Seriously!!!)


Jon Rowley2020 Fitness Prairie Village, KS www.2020.fitness

If you have ANY questions - Please email jon@2020.fitness

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